About Us

Steedman Stagg Lawyers

Our shared ‘DNA’ is to deliver pragmatic, plain-speaking and jargon-free advice

Our Story

We met and worked side-by-side in 2009 in the Great Southern litigation for clients with common interests. Although we were at competing firms, it was the start of a close, dynamic and deeply trusting professional relationship being forged. So much so that we became partners together at Lavan. We continue our business partnership at our new legal practice Steedman Stagg Lawyers.

Our shared ethos is that the practice of law is first and foremost being a practitioner.  Deliver the legal outcome or solution, and the rest will follow.

It is this shared belief in having experienced practitioners who offer a high degree of specialisation in order to deliver competent and high-quality advice and representation that is the driver behind Steedman Stagg Lawyers – to be able to provide agile, bespoke, personalised services delivering quality work and commercial outcomes in a market comprising smart, savvy buyers of legal services.

Our Mission

Steedman Stagg Lawyers’ shared ‘DNA’ is to deliver pragmatic, plain-speaking and jargon-free advice, an approach that is embedded in our closely held values — to gain our clients’ trust, do the right thing, and achieve the best results.

The WA legal market needs a boutique dispute resolution and commercial law firm that is designed and equipped to provide the solid, trusted quality of an established large law firm but through the effective and efficient operation of a boutique practice.

SSL has that foundation. It enables us to act creatively and flexibly and sets us apart from our competitors. We are building a select team of top line support and legal colleagues who share the vision of taking SSL to a position of prominence and desirability in our niche in WA’s legal market.

We have deliberately designed a firm of boutique size and focus. It means we can offer exceptional, personalised legal services in our core practice areas – litigation and alternative dispute resolution, media and defamation, corporate disputes, property disputes, mining, and trusts, wills and estates.

The term ‘trusted advisor’ appears on many web sites – what does it mean? We think it means really getting an understanding of a client’s circumstances, whether commercial or personal or a combination of both, and delivering the solution or outcome they desire. Very often we become an integral part of the client’s ‘team’ and share a journey with them – which gives us incredible satisfaction.

We look to forward to continuing this journey more closely with our clients.


Steedman Stagg Lawyers:

  • Listed as ‘recommended’ in the 2021 Doyles guide of leading Western Australian Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution Law Firms in just our first year of operation. The Doyles guide lists firms practising in commercial litigation, dispute resolution and arbitration matters in the WA legal market which have been identified by clients and peers for their expertise and abilities in these areas.
  • Listed in the The Best Lawyers TM in Australia best ‘law firms’ 2022, 2023.